The Summer Mix Series is a free for all of creative musical mixes.

That being said, there are a few guidelines you must adhere to.

  • 1
    Theme your mix. Put some effort and thought into this. Submissions more stringent this year.
  • 2
    80 minutes max running time. Restraints breed creativity.
  • 3
    Provide artwork, tracklisting and proper credit where credit is due. We will not link to MediaFire links, etc.
  • 4
    One mix per person. You get one chance, make it great.

Pick a theme! That's the whole point!

Seriously, "Recent Jams" are out! See below for some inspiration.

  • Better Choices for
    A Movie Soundtrack
  • Top Hits
    From Your Birth Year
  • All Tracks
    Local Music
  • Obtain the Orb
    Fantasy Songs
  • Implementing the Rules of
    Brian Eno
  • Alternately
    Alt Versions of Popular Songs
  • Slam Dunk!
    Songs about Sports
  • Movie Butter
    The Best Movie Songs
  • Songs Familiar
    Songs of Infringement
  • Same Name, Different Song
    Call It Kismet
Inspiring Theme Examples
  • Food Music
    Jeremy Okai Davis
  • Anything You Can Do
  • Roadhouse

Closed until Summer 2014. Start prepping your mix for next year!

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Vintage Obscura 2014

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A Summer Feeling




An attempt to garner creativity through compiled music.

Summer Mix Series takes no responsibility for any provided mix. We're just here to provide a portal to great tunes.

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Social Love

Summer Mix Series Is Closed

Thanks for your continued interest!

Please check out these awesome folks on Reddit running their own ListenToThis Summer Mix Series. Same rules as we had here but with a more active community.

  • Just Your Typical Nutty Teenager in America

    Lions & Vultures

    Empire Records (songs for Deb)

    So stoked to share this!

    Dedicated to (and featuring clips from) Empire Records. Specifically Debra. You’re doing a good job, Deb.
  • Stay Inside


    It was storming, so we stayed inside
  • Surfing the Grid


    Arpeggiators, synthesizers, drum machines
  • You'll Never Catch Me Sleepy Horse


    'You'll Never Catch Me Sleepy Horse' is the breakthrough product of a recent study at the Ganshat Labs. This ethereal audio experience is designed to be administered during a summer night. The patient will simply plug in the provided headphones and press play. The following morning should see a significant decline in the patient's anxiety and stress levels, with the patient left in a state of euphoria. This mix is safe to be supplied to people of all ages, and repeat listens are recommended for absolute relaxation. Ease your mind and slowly drift like a sleepy horse galloping through light clouds of bliss.
  • Let's All Go To The Lobby


    For this year's Summer Mix Series, I've put together 20 songs (and one rap skit) about going to the movies. Also songs about making movies, movie stars and, in one case, popcorn. The cover photograph is by Hiroshi Sugimoto, with an animation by Don Hertzfeldt superimposed on top of it. Because movies.
  • A Summer Feeling


    Sounds Vintage + Chill Summer Nostalgia
  • Summer Rain


    SIX ORGANS OF ADMITTANCE Fire On Rain // NATURAL SNOW BUILDINGS Rain Serenade // NEIL YOUNG See the Sky About to Rain // REPERATA & THE DELRONS I Can Hear The Rain // SKEETER DAVIS Raining In My Heart // THE HILLSIDERS Rain Is A Lonesome Thing // THE MEMORIES I Went Walking In The Rain // THE JESUS & MARY CHAIN In The Rain // KAREN DALTON Little Bit Of Rain // GIANT SAND Dirty From The Rain // EDDIE FLOYD Oh, How It Rained // ROY ORBISON Here Comes The Rain, Baby // PEANUT Thank Goodness For The Rain // MARMELADE I See The Rain // STEVIE WONDER Purple Rain Drops // FRANK SINATRA A Garden In The Rain // ASTRUD GILBERTO The Gentle Rain // THE PASTELS Summer Rain // THE BEATLES Rain (take 7) // THE CHOSEN FEW In The Rain // DIRTY THREE Rain On // SIX ORGANS OF ADMITTANCE Rain On Fire
  • Hell on Wheels


    Oil-soaked jeans. Dirty hands that won't come clean. Sweating in garages that reek of fuel, solvents, and cigarette smoke. The hair rising on the back of your neck as you risk certain death hitting the ton on a back-country highway. Summer is for wrenching & riding on two wheels.

    Thanks to Miguel Camilo for the cover art assist.
  • Vintage Obscura 2014

    Kaptain Carbon

    Tracks submitted by Reddit's r/vintageobscura. The finest place for digital crate digging.

    Compiled by Evilnight and mixed by Kaptain Carbon.