The Peasants Are Revolting

Scott Brooks

riotous house and techno to placate the sane.


1) Blood Orange - Champagne Coast (Krystal Klear remix)
2) Sound Peligrino Thermal Team - Bass Face (Ardalan mix)
3) Christophe - The Force (Julio Bashmore 'Piano' mix)
4) Kerrier District - Dick
5) Tensnake - Somethin About You (Jas Shaw alt. mix)
6) Joy O - Sicko Cell
7) Spank Rock - Bad Things (Addison Groove mix)
8) Girl Unit - Wut (Claude Von Stroke 'Undressed' mix)
9) Ha Ha Ha - Adzuki Beans
10) Recloose - Parquet
11) Azari & III - Manic (The Finger Prince 'Static Situation' remix)
12) Peach Melba - Can't Let Go
13) Eats Everything - Entrance Song (SLG mix)
14) Virgo 4 - It's A Crime (Caribou remix)

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