Unexpected Shark Bite


This is the music that was recorded on a waterproof mp3 player recovered from the body of a surfer who tragically died in a white shark attack.

Ganshat's previous YSMS mixes have been on point. I see no reason why this one would be anything less.
Mike Jonze · July 04th, 2011 - 09:17pm
If you want to have something beautiful to listen to this summer I'd say download this mix. Put it in, relax to it, cook to it, have a gathering with it in the background, drive in the heat to it, go to the park and grill some delicious burgers to it. You can do it all. Pay attention while it plays or drift off while it plays, either way, you will feel the unexpected shark bite in every fiber of your body. It is as if waves begin to wash over you at the same moment the sun scorches your flesh. I suppose that is where the unexpected bite comes from. Don't be afraid to have a cool drink to this or a toasty puff of marijuana. Ganshat never disappoints and this mix is no exception to that rule of theirs. Enjoy summer everyone!
Mash · July 05th, 2011 - 05:58pm
Really good mix, very enjoyable.
Dirty Dishes · July 06th, 2011 - 06:20pm
This unexpected shark bite bit the raining clouds in half and made the sun reappear. Just like last year Ganshat takes you into summer. Making you smell the water and sun as you walk on by. Or just chill and relax on your front proch, rooftop or anywhere. You just sit and stare. But beware, before you know it your summer has crashed by like a good surfing wave.
Besides all that, this is a perfect mix to put up while in company. People will ask you, who is this, and who was that? Yis, you will most certainly look like a connaisseur of good music and a wonderful host. Even a week later people will thank you for the wonderful time and ask you. When is you next happening?
In all, it is suitable for all listening situations. Download or stream and be sure to enjoy this summer (to the tunes of ganshat).
kruum · July 24th, 2011 - 01:12pm

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