The Summer Mix Series is a free for all of creative musical mixes. However, there are a few guidelines to keep in mind. You must adhere to these for mix acceptance.

  • 1
    Theme your mix. I mean, bare minimum, put some thought into it. Random comps are less fun.
  • 2
    80 minutes max running time. CD's are dead but restraints breed creativity.
  • 3
    You host the files for your mix (or use Mixcloud, Soundcloud, Spotify, Rdio).
  • 4
    Only use MP3 files - no m4a, ogg, wma, wav, etc. Double-check this! MP3's only!
  • 5
    Host a page on your site with the title, tracklist, cover art and link to the zip or stream. We will not link to MediaFire links, etc.
  • 6
    One mix per person. You get one chance, make it great.

Pick a theme! Your "Recent Jams" mix can wait, make something special. If you need inspiration, look below! Don't disappoint me like a Sad Dad!

  • Start to Finish and Back
    Palindrome Mix
  • 80 minutes of
    Under a Minute
  • Soundtrack to a
    Fake Film
  • Top Hits
    From Your Birth Year
  • All Tracks
    Local Music
  • All The Names of
    Your Favorite Girls
  • Rarities
    B-sides, Extras
  • Tribute
    Cover Songs
  • Cats
    Inspired By and To
  • Influences On
    Gang of Four
  • Songs to Make
    David Bowie Blush
  • Songs By
    Hard Drives
Quality Themes from prior years
My First Mixtape
A Mix by Cody
Justin Childress
A Day in the Life
Small Parade

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Bob Smith
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Sounds Vintage 2

Bob Smith

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Sounds Vintage 2

Bob Smith

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New Jack Swing

Jeremy Okai Davis

An attempt to garner creativity through compiled music.

Summer Mix Series takes no responsibility for any provided mix. We're just here to provide a portal to great tunes.

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Dancing Mania in Western Transylvania

James St. James & Rick Von You