Summer Rain


SIX ORGANS OF ADMITTANCE Fire On Rain // NATURAL SNOW BUILDINGS Rain Serenade // NEIL YOUNG See the Sky About to Rain // REPERATA & THE DELRONS I Can Hear The Rain // SKEETER DAVIS Raining In My Heart // THE HILLSIDERS Rain Is A Lonesome Thing // THE MEMORIES I Went Walking In The Rain // THE JESUS & MARY CHAIN In The Rain // KAREN DALTON Little Bit Of Rain // GIANT SAND Dirty From The Rain // EDDIE FLOYD Oh, How It Rained // ROY ORBISON Here Comes The Rain, Baby // PEANUT Thank Goodness For The Rain // MARMELADE I See The Rain // STEVIE WONDER Purple Rain Drops // FRANK SINATRA A Garden In The Rain // ASTRUD GILBERTO The Gentle Rain // THE PASTELS Summer Rain // THE BEATLES Rain (take 7) // THE CHOSEN FEW In The Rain // DIRTY THREE Rain On // SIX ORGANS OF ADMITTANCE Rain On Fire

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